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PhD Student at @hablapps, researching on coalgebras, comonads and other cocool cothings.

Don’t Fear the Profunctor Optics! (Part 1/3)

Today we start a new series of posts on Profunctor Optics. Since WordPress has some limitations to highlight Haskell snippets, we’ve decided to publish it as a Github repo. You can find the first part here: Optics, Concretely. We hope … Continue reading

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Algebras for the Masses!

According to Wikipedia, “an Algebraic Structure is a set with one or more finitary operations defined on it that satisfies a list of axioms”. From a programming perspective, that sounds like a bunch of methods defined on a type. In … Continue reading

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Lens, State Is Your Father

In our last post, we introduced IOCoalgebras as an alternative way of representing coalgebras from an algebraic viewpoint, where Lens was used as a guiding example. In fact, lens is an abstraction that belongs to the group of Optics, a … Continue reading

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Yo Dawg, We Put an Algebra in Your Coalgebra

As Dan Piponi suggested in Cofree Meets Free, we may think of coalgebraic things as machines with buttons. In this post, we take this metaphor seriously and show how we can use algebras to model the Input/Output interface of the … Continue reading

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Never a “Hello, World!” was so real

As promised, here is our “Hello, World!” example (also in PDF). This kind of program is illustrative to show the very basics of a programming language. Usually, the program consists on showing the string “Hello World!” message in a console. … Continue reading

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Macros and Reflective Calls to eliminate boilerplate

In our previous post, we told you about updatable, a library that empowers programmers to build and update immutable objects in generic contexts. We saw the builder macro as a main element in the library, but we did not explain … Continue reading

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