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Shape-dependent computations in Scala … and Agda!

In this post we will solve a little programming problem, mainly with the excuse of talking about dependent types. As usual, Scala will be our programming language of choice. However, this time we will also use Agda, a programming language … Continue reading

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From “Hello, world!” to “Hello, monad!” (part III/III)

In the first part of this series, we saw how we can write the business logic of our applications as pure functions that return programs written in a custom domain-specific language (DSL). We also showed in part II that no matter … Continue reading

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From “Hello, world!” to “Hello, monad!” (Part I)

This is the first instalment of a series of posts about the essence of functional programming. The only purpose of this series is to illustrate the defining features of this style of programming using different examples of increasing complexity. We will start with the ubiquitous “Hello, world!” … Continue reading

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The Speech Console

During these months, we have tried to explain Speech using different strategies and metaphors, with varying results. For instance, we have defined Speech as “A process-oriented programming language” or as “A DSL for programming the business logic of social applications” … Continue reading

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Sample Speech Apps: Twitter, Trac, Do&Follow … and Big Brothapp!

Which kinds of applications are most suitable for Speech? How do we design a Speech app? How do we implement a Speech design using its Scala embedding? To answer these questions in a pleasant and entertaining way, we completely re-designed … Continue reading

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Speech 0.1 released!

We are happy to announce the first release of the Speech interpreter. This is a beta release with the minimum functionality required to test significant application examples, demonstrate the virtues of the Speech DSL and … receive feedback from you! … Continue reading

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Updating immutable objects in generic contexts

Immutability is one of the hallmarks of functional design, and writing idiomatic programs in Scala highly relies on manipulating immutable objects. Now, if we don’t have mutable fields (aka vars) … how can we update objects in a convenient way? … Continue reading

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Welcome message

Think of information systems, Web 2.0 apps, games, e-learning, e-commerce, and the rest of e-* applications. Certainly, these application domains differ significantly in several respects, but can we find some commonalities? We do think so: they deal directly with people; … Continue reading

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